Knives Out

Official Site

Framed as a classic whodunnit, this site experience was built around the concept of letting users explore and learn who the different players are and what possible motives they have in committing murder. With clues scattered throughout the 3D content of the site, it was an experience that paired with another website, sending users on a virtual scavenger hunt where they became active participants in the campaign.

Wonder Woman: 1984

Social Filter

We were asked to create a filter for the Warner Bro’s film, Wonder Woman 1984, based on their latest poster. Our goal was to make the static poster as dynamic as possible when we inserted the user. To accomplish this we recreated elements in 3D and added movement that was tied to the user but kept the look and feel of the original poster. As an added bonus, users can open their mouth to trigger a color wipe that animates between two seperate looks.

Birds of Prey

Social Filter

For the Warner Bros. film Birds of Prey we were asked to create a custom face filter featuring the song “Diamonds” by Megan Thee Stallion & Normani, off the film’s soundtrack. In our filter we used the aesthetic from the film and created a 3D diamond that refracts your face, adds some makeup and tattoos, and features a brief reflection of Harley Quinn. The filter was built for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram and in addition to Warners Bros. it was also featured by Atlantic Records.


AR Photobooth

In this photo booth for the Warner Bros. x DC Comic's film SHAZAM!, anyone can be transformed into a superhero. Used across the world to promote the film at events like premiers, conventions, and NBA games, participants step into the booth, shout SHAZAM!, and then find themselves donning the suit from the film. After their experience, they are able to immediately get their video to share across social media platforms. Worldwide, this booth has over 13,000 videos generated which have garnered countless impressions, making it a huge success.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Official Site

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu was a really fun title to get a chance to work on. On this site, we decided to take the opportunity to do a photo hunt and ask users to find details within the poster to create a fun, interactive experience.<br><br>In addition to the main site, we also had an opportunity to create a couple of Snapchat Lenses to be featured at SXSW. When scanned, these Snapcodes unlocked an animated version of the poster they were featured on that played an exclusive video clip and garnered over 57,000 impressions by the end of the event.

Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts

Green Screen Photo Booth

Built for the worldwide release of both Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, these green screen photobooths traveled the world to create shareable content tied to the films. Here at Oblio we began by prototyping the booth in our office, and from there began the work of shooting users on a greenscreen to composite them into a video representing the film that they could then share across social platfroms.


Official Site

Taking heavy inspiration from the film, this official movie site for the Lionsgate science fiction thriller KIN walks through some of the major themes of the film. Incorporating technology from the story into the look and feel of the site posed a challenge, but through flexibility and collaboration, this site acts as an extension of the campaign at large as well as the film.

The Nun

360 Experience

Experience the darkest chapter in “The Conjuring” universe as you journey through the dark hallways of the abbey and confront the malevolent force Valak in the form of a demonic nun. This 360 experience was crafted using LIDAR scans from the set of the film that were pieced together to create a walkthrough of the Abbey. This journey draws viewers in with an intensely suspenseful tone, puts them on the edge of their seat, then pushes them off with scares throughout.

Awaken Akira

Official Site

Long before he was finished, Ash Thorpe reached out to us wanting to collaborate on a project. Him and Zaoeyo had begun work on a project to reimagine some of the most iconic shots from the 1988 film AKIRA, a film we as a team have a huge admiration for. After some discussions about their creative process, we determined that we’d build a website that not only housed their tribute film, but was also an insight into the passion and love for the project by showing the process along the way. The end result was a project that was creatively fulfilling and a very rewarding collaborative experience with artists that we love and respect.

I Still Believe

eCard Site

When we were approached by Lionsgate about working on a project for I Still Believe, we were super excited about the possiblity of building a new and improved version of the ecard. With the film coming out in March, our goal was to have something ready for Valentine's Day that would allow users to visit the site, write a message to a loved one, and send a virtual lantern to that person. Tying into a scene from the film, those lanters were then sent off into the horizon and filled the sky with messages of love and encouragment, something we can always use a little more of!

Ready Player One

Social Games

Flush with nostalgia from our generation, Ready Player One was a title that we were very excited to get a chance to work on. Partnering with Warner Bros. and Facebook, this feature led users on an integrated Chatbot/Instant Games experience housed within Facebook Messenger to collect all three keys and save the Oasis. Shrouded in a bit of mystery, users played the initial game without really knowing what the story line was, but when they finished the game, we were able to use Facebook Messenger to contact them. We then moved between the chatbot and games to guide users through collecting 3 keys, a plot point from the film.

Ocean's 8

Social Games

In this series of games created for Warner Bros., users are told that they need to “hone their skills as they prepare the ultimate heist.” The challenge with these games was creating something fun and engaging, but also light and matching the tone of the film. As part of the Ocean’s franchise, the style in these games had to match the precedent set in the other films while also coming in with a new and fresh angle that was as interesting as it was familiar. In the end, the simple and classy design brought Ocean’s 8 into the fold as the latest and greatest in the film franchise.

Justice League

360 Cinemagraphs

Using production stills, we were tasked with patching together 360 scenes that showed the Justice League together for the first time. As social content, these videos introduced users to a little more of the Justice League than they had previously known, including the Flying Fox, in full 360!

The Meg

Video Creator

This photo feature is more than meets the eye. Using a Blender script server side, we're able to process a users image, project it onto a 3D plane, and then render a custom output video for them, all while they watch the trailer!

Game Night

Social Game

Done for Warner Bros. International, Game Night: The Game was a good time, through and through. From designing the 3D assets to finding a game mechanic that was simple but posed a real challenge, we at Oblio loved making this game (and love playing this game)!


Offical Site and 360 Cinemagraphs

Working on the Dunkirk digital campaign was a privilege we enjoyed and were eager to be a part of. For the title, we created three custom 360 cinemagraphs that highlight the three chapters in the film, the land, the air and the sea. In addition, we created a simple EPK site that was easy to navigate and acted as a hub that directed users to all things Dunkirk in the digital world.

Wonder Woman

Photo Feature

Created for the Warner Bros. summer 2017 film Wonder Woman, we were excited and proud to build upon that brand and be a part of the campaign promoting a brand furthering the DC Universe. In this photo feature, we allow users to design their own gauntlets that represent themselves and SHOW THEIR WARRIOR!

King Arthur

360 Experiences

This 360 experience was built as an extension of the film to fully immerse users in the Londinium streets, running from the Black Legs and escaping with your life still in tact. Modeling and animating in Maya required building not only a VFX pipeline, but also a small render farm that built upon and extended our abilities in creating and rendering 360 content.

The Lego Batman Movie

Social Game

With nearly 40 million plays, Bat Climb was the first movie branded game launched on Facebook Instant games. With a high replay value, this endless climber was as fun to make as it is to play.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Experience Site

In this Google experience made for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, explore various locations in a 1920s New York City as only a Wizard can. Gain access to a secret speakeasy for wizards, explore the magical congress, and hunt the niffler in these 360 scenes.


Official Site and Games

For the 2016 release of Storks, we wanted to have some fun. Visit the official site to learn about the characters, watch the trailers, and more, and head over to Tulip the Builder and Delivery Dash for some lighthearted and casual games!

Legend of Tarzan

360 Experiences

A 360 degree video experience, this project involved the creation of a 2 km squared jungle that immersed viewers into the world of Tarzan by swinging them through the dense forest and landing them, only to be face to face with a massive silverback gorilla. Created for the promotion of The Legend of Tarzan, we assembled a full production team as well as fully immersed ourselves into the technologies necessary to pull off this video experience.

Now You See Me 2

Official Site

Created for Lionsgate Film's release of Now You See Me 2, the official movie site experience builds on the theme from the film of THE CLOSER YOU LOOK, THE LESS YOU SEE. Users control the experience by scrolling to zoom out as they work their way through scenes that showcase various illusions tied to the film. A truly collaborative project, everyone in the office (and then some) was able to leave their fingerprint on this main site experience.

Insidious Chapter 3

Experience Site

Created for Sony International's release of Insidious: Chapter 3, The Room Experience is a webGL experience that brings users into Quinn's room and face to face with a malevolent presence. When a user connects via Facebook the scene will be customized, displaying posters of bands they like and pictures of them with the people they love. The site was awarded Best in Show for the 2015 W3 awards, was a finalist at the CLIO KeyArt awards, and was awarded SOTD and MOTD by The FWA.

Suicide Squad

Official Site

For this site, Warner Bros. wanted to not only highlight the art and the EPK content, but they also wanted a central hub where users could access all things digital for Suicide Squad. What we built was a scrolling site with a features section, a robust character section that included the entire squad along with hotspots to access additional content, and a place for users to keep up with all the latest content releases for the film.

Keep Portland Weird

Company Project

In August of 2015, we had our first set of interns come work with us in Oblio’s Portland office. We weren’t completely sure what that internship was going to entail, but we knew we wanted to take a project from start to finish with them. After reading a New Yorker article that discussed the northwest and its impending doom due to a massive earthquake, we decided to explore that, shed some light on the subject matter, and have a little fun. The earthquake may take away our electricity, but it will never take away our eccentricity!

Light Rig Experiment

Company Project

This project started as a simple experiment by our creative director Jonathan Hooker. Working on this over nights and weekends it continued to grow in scope until it reached a fully functional stage. Utilizing a high speed camera synced with LED light panels the rig is able to capture video under multiple lighting conditions. With that imagery we're able to generate color, normal, and alpha passes which can be used to manipulate the video in post. We've already used the tech on the Insidious: Enter the Room experience and have a few more tricks for it up our sleeves.

Goosebumps Movie

Photo Hunt Site

Where’s the Creature, part of Sony International’s digital campaign for Goosebumps, started with an admiration for the work of Rod Hunt. We knew there were tons of creatures that we wanted to introduce people to, and the idea came about to collaborate with Rod on a custom illustration that would be the foundation for a “Where’s Waldo” style game. Users click and drag to pan through a scene, distinguishing creatures from costumed people at a high school Halloween dance (perhaps the scariest part of the entire feature!), learning about the creatures in a fun and interactive manner.

Mockingjay Part 2

Countdown Site

In August 2015, we were tasked with concepting a viral site that would launch the latest piece of art in interesting, interactive, and in world manner. After pitching multiple executions, the experience selected tasked users with aiding the “resistance” by clicking rapidly to scan sectors for traps. Throughout the duration of the countdown, users would click rapidly to reach the goal of 11,202,015 clicks, the release date of the film. In the end, it took 61 minutes for this self-destructing site to reveal the new art for the last installment of The Hunger Games franchise: Mockingjay Part 2.