Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Main Site

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu was a really fun title to get a chance to work on! With this project, we had a couple of main goals that we were trying to accomplish. One, we wanted to make sure that the new art this site was being built to highlight, was in fact highlighted in a meaningful way. To do this, we decided that if we take the opportunity to do a photo hunt and ask users to find details within the poster, it would get the eyes and attantion that it very much deserved. After this decision was made, our next goal was how to do so in a way that kept user’s attention. To accomplish this, we decided that adding animation to the poster was going to help keep attention as well as aid users in progressing through the site. In the end, Warner Bros. was very happy with the results the site yeilded as we continue to update with additional content.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Built for the worldwide release of both Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, these green screen photobooths traveled the world to create shareable content tied to the films. Here at Olbio we began by prototyping the booth in our office, and from there began the work of shooting users on a greenscreen to composite them into a video representing the film that they could then share across social platforms.


Official Movie Site

Taking heavy inspiration from the film, this official movie site for the Lionsgate science fiction thriller KIN walks through some of the major themes of the film. Incorporating technology from the story into the look and feel of the site posed a challenge, but through flexibility and collaboration, this site acts as an extension of the campaign at large as well as the film.

The Nun

Escape the Abbey 360

Experience the darkest chapter in “The Conjuring” universe as you journey through the dark hallways of the abbey and confront the malevolent force Valak in the form of a demonic nun. This 360 experience was crafted using LIDAR scans from the set of the film that were pieced together to create a walkthrough of the Abbey. This journey draws viewers in with an intensely suspenseful tone, puts them on the edge of their seat, then pushes them off with scares throughout.

Ready Player One

Level Up

Flush with nostalgia from our generation, Ready Player One was a title that we were very excited to get a chance to work on. Partnering with Warner Bros. and Facebook, this feature led users on an integrated Chatbot/Instant Games experience housed within Facebook Messenger to collect all three keys and save the Oasis. Shrouded in a bit of mystery, users played the initial game without really knowing what the story line was, but when they finished the game, we were able to use Facebook Messenger to contact them. We then moved between the chatbot and games to guide users through collecting 3 keys, a plot point from the film.

Table of Contents

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